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The Most Beautiful Business on Earth

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Hi everyone I received this message today from a Romanian distributor! Thank you so much! *** Hi Rolf It’s been a week since your book, „The Most Beautiful Business on Earth“, was published in Romanian. I’ve already read it several times. Even before reading your book, I had recommended it to others. I said to my partners: „I haven’t read it yet, and I don’t exactly know what it’s all about, but the person who wrote
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Rome or Paris?

An exclusive offer for my first and second lines only!!! A weekend in Rome or Paris! You can only grow with new people, new customers and new distributors! Since our products have been successfully on the market for more than 35 years, even without speaking about them a lot, I recommend you to use the Test Touch (no. 1 or 701) to get new people into your business! Give the touches to people, let them try the products
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Global Leadership Team

Read about the most influential and successful leaders at Forever here! Go for Diamond! Good luck! Forever yours, Rolf Kipp
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Chairman’s Bonus Qualifiers 2013

Chairman’s Bonus Qualifiers 2013 Congratulations to all qualifiers, who have again proved that steady work, perseverance, strategy, system and enthusiasm with and about Forever will make you successful. Every one of you can be proud of your work and the work of your team! You now know how it feels to be part of the best in the world. Take this opportunity to show others how you made it. Show them what it means to tak
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„Respect (from the latin word respecto: „looking back“, or respectus: „consideration“) is a form of attention and appreciation towards another person (a person of respect) or an institution.“ I would appreciate if you joined me to show more respect towards our real leaders. They all had to forgo lots of things and worked very hard for their success, and they show us what is possible with Forever for all of us. Jealou
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Happy New Year!

Dear friends and families, distributors and eagles, dear winners and achievers New Year is just around the corner: we’re going into the next round! If you are not where you would like to be today, NOW is the time to take a decision to change things for the better for next year. “Remember, there is only one time that is important: Now. ” – Tolstoi And for this, I wish you a lot of energy to fol
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Happy Holidays!

Dear friends and families, distributors and eagles, dear winners and achievers 2013: What a successful year! So many things happened: - We got the highest CB cheque ever since Forever was founded - We organized the most successful events for Germany, Switzerland and Austria in Switzerland: Power Sundays! - We launched Forever 2.0 - Philipp Ritter is getting closer and closer to the Diamond Manager qualification - Mos
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